How will Mind Coaching help you?

How does Mind Coaching help you?

Mind coaching or coaching your mind, however you wish to think of it, can be helpful no matter what situation you are in. Here are some circumstances that mind coaching may help you through:

  • Life-altering transformations
  • A lack of motivation
  • A lack of self-confidence or through the struggle of low self-esteem
  • Depression or bouts of anxiety
  • Stress and anger issues
  • Challenges in relationships and family life
  • Career breakdowns
  • Financial worries
  • Personal conflicts about the future
  • Emotional flux

What is Mind Coaching?

Mind Coaching combines the techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive & Behavioral Psychology (CBP) to contribute towards human and personal development and equip one with skills necessary for peak performance and excellence.

NLP is all about learning the language of one’s Mind. Founded in the 1970s by two researchers in California, NLP is the study of excellent communication both with one’s self and others. The technique was developed based on outstanding communicators and therapists who saw results with their clients. At the core of NLP lies the methodology of knowing how to achieve one’s goals. As a philosophy and educational tool, it is designed to teach people how to become happier and more effective. To this end, coaching based on NLP is about using the five senses and the nervous system, and both verbal and non-verbal language that gives meaning to the experiences of those senses, to programme the Mind and affect positive change.

On the other hand, CBT is an evidence-based psychological treatment proven to be effective through rigorous scientific research. Notably, it has been as effective as taking medication for the management of anxiety and depression. Research also shows that people experiencing anxiety and depression are less likely to relapse when treated with CBT as the treatment ensures the relevant problem is identified accurately and managed effectively.

How does Mind Coaching work?

Armed with these mind tools, coaching focuses on the future and assists in guiding the client in the ‘How?’ of attaining a rewarding and fulfilling life.

Coaching is not counselling or therapy and as such, is not concerned so much with the ‘Why?’

The coach assists clients in clarifying where they are currently in life and help plan a successful future with them.

Coaching is an equal partnership between client and coach.

While the coach’s role is to ask questions and offer ideas and suggestions which assist the client in their quest for positive life changes, ultimately the responsibility and accountability for implementing these actions rest with the client.

When provided with the support and assistance of a qualified coach, the miracles which unfold are wondrous. 

All that is required of the client is a genuine wish to make changes and an open, honest and willing spirit.

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